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What’s included in a typical electrical O&M Manual

O&M ManualNickle, along with other contractors, create an Operation & Maintenance Manual for each of its commercial projects and a number of its large service projects. An O&M manual is almost always required for commercial projects stated in the specifications sent out per the contract. Some are more detailed than others depending on what the general contractor/construction manager requests.


Its main purpose is to serve as a comprehensive source of information for the owner/customer after a project is complete. They’re able to refer back to it when they need information on operating any equipment or ordering material. It outlines the construction of the building and all its systems, along with procedures to operate and maintain the facility. All of this information will help the owner/customer before they feel the need to call an electrician or other contractor for help.


It includes anything submitted for a project including gear, lighting, devices, generators, fire alarm, security, and more. All of those items were sent to the owner who then approved of the material and equipment being ordered, including colors, types, and styles. The manual also holds warranty letters and inspection certificates for future reference. Nickle’s subcontractors also complete a manual for their systems which is included in the final O&M manual that Nickle puts together. As-built drawings are finally added in once the project is complete, showing the final layout.


An O&M is typically put together near the completion of the project by the project management assistant with help from the project manager. It can technically be done as soon as all submittals have been approved and there are no changes to material and equipment, though changes are inevitable so it’s best to wait until the end of the project so nothing is missed or has to be redone.


Usually three copies of an O&M manual are printed. They’re sent to the general contractor/construction manager, the owner/customer, and one is kept on location of the project.


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