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What makes a high-quality construction project?

Before we deliberate the topic, it’s important to define quality. Merriam-Webster describes it as “degree of excellence” and “superior in kind.” Very vague. In construction, quality could mean different things to different people on different projects. Maybe one party thinks a quality project means building something in the most cost-effective way. Or someone else thinks that the functionality of the finished product is most important to quality. Maybe another person believes quality means there are no flaws to the design.

Of course, every job will vary. Projects are a balancing act between quality, time, and money. Quality may be sacrificed to stay on time and under budget. Other times, quality is most important and the cost and duration of the project is secondary. And so on.

Besides satisfying everyone’s definition of quality, what else makes a valuable construction project?

Pre-construction planning

The most important thing to do before beginning the project is to gather everyone’s ideas of quality and come up with a plan that will satisfy all parties involved. Pre-con can last for weeks, months, sometimes years. It’s a collaboration between multiple parties to lay out costs, schedule, design, permit processes, land studies, safety, value engineering, material, manpower, and so much more. With all of these strategies organized ahead of time, a clear project plan will form. Everything outlined in pre-construction should be followed during construction so the job moves smoothly.


A bad injury or fatality can bring a project to a screeching halt, devaluing all of the hard work it took to plan and begin the project. All site-specific safety measures should be discussed in the pre-construction process, but it’s also important to follow routine, everyday practices. All accidents are avoidable.


It takes many businesses and people to make a quality project successful. No one person can imagine, design, build, and maintain a job on his or her own. There are owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers, electricians, plumbers, and numerous other subcontractors working on a job. Collaboration is key. Everyone has to work together, and work together well.

Good customer service

People are more likely to remember bad service than good service, and use that experience as a determining factor when the next project arises. You may have a great product, but if a customer can’t get a hold of you, or you have a bad attitude, or you can’t resolve an issue, it’s unlikely that customer will buy from you again. Don’t ruin a quality project with bad service.


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