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Winter job site safety

There are hazards at every construction site, no matter the time of day or year. But winter is coming and the majority of construction work takes place outside, so employees […]

Flame-resistant vs. non-flammable PPE

Electrocution is second-leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites. And burns are the most common shock-related injury. To prevent against these types of injuries, it’s important to wear the […]

Preparing for an OSHA inspection

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has tons of regulations in place to keep employees safe in the workplace. Failing to comply with these regulations can spell disaster for your […]

OSHA’s Top 5 Electrical Violations

David Letterman has his top 10 list, and so does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration! Working with electricity can be dangerous. Engineers, electricians, and other professionals work with it directly […]