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Taking the Journeyman’s Exam

To become a licensed electrician, you’re required to take the state journeyman’s exam. Many people take this exam after completing four years in a paid apprenticeship program, which combines both […]

What is construction pre-planning

Working in a proactive manner is one of the most important and efficient ways to complete a new job. Creating a pre-formulated strategy enables all team members to stay a […]

Outdoor lighting suggestions

Outdoor lighting on your home can serve two purposes – improving safety and enhancing curb appeal. Your house is literally in the dark for about half of the day, so […]

What is design-build?

Design-build is a rapidly growing project delivery system that differs from the typical design-bid-build concept in a number of ways. While the model has been around for quite a while, […]

Finding a qualified, quality contractor

Let’s face it, not all projects are do-it-yourself. Even the seemingly easy ones can turn into a disaster with one small mistake. So finding a quality contractor to complete the […]

Types of building construction

Construction comes in all different shapes and sizes. Literally. Sometimes those shapes and sizes are determined by the type of construction taking place. Each endeavor can be classified into a […]