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Happy Earth Day


The increasingly popular movement of “going green” doesn’t only encompass electric cars, forgoing bottled water, printing less, and buying smart. There are multitudes of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. The following seven energy-efficient tips will not only better the earth, but also put a little “green” back into your pocket.



Have you finished toasting your bagel and pouring that cup of coffee this morning? Is your cell phone battery fully charged? Unplug these appliances and electronics. Even though they may be off and not in use, these devices still use electricity.


Check Labels

More and more consumer products are striving to earn the Energy Star label. This symbol is placed on products that meet government-supported energy-efficient criteria such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. These labels make it easy for consumers to identify “green” products.



LED light bulbs can last more than 10 times longer than an incandescent 60-watt bulb. They reduce energy use by up to 80 percent and also have lower carbon dioxide emissions. While they may cost more to begin with, the money saved on energy and the amount of bulbs you purchase in general is well worth it.


Go Natural

Try keeping blinds and shutters open throughout the day. Let natural sunlight brighten your home or office before flipping the switch. If or when you turn on the lights make sure you turn them off when you don’t need them. It may sound simple but it’s surprising how many people will keep the lights on when it’s unnecessary. If you (or most likely your teenagers) happen to be forgetful, use timers to power down automatically.


Use Shade/Fans

While natural light can save electricity, it can also quickly heat up your home. Closing the blinds on the sunny side of your house during the day can prevent the air conditioner from overworking during the summer. Utilizing ceiling fans can also help cool a room and reduce the need for constantly running AC.


Seal and Insulate

Your heater or air conditioner may also run unnecessarily if your home contains air leaks. Identifying and sealing these outflows, normally found around doors and windows, will prevent your appliances from overworking.


Improve Your Laundry Routine

High efficiency (HE) and front-loading washers conserve energy and save money compared to regular top-loaders. They can cut electricity and water use almost in half. Though some clothes are best washed in warm or hot water, washing with cold water is also more efficient.


These simple and effective guidelines can all be implemented on your own. But there are plenty of other ways Nickle Electrical can help. We offer energy saving solutions such as occupancy sensors, lighting controls, dimming, daylight harvesting, LED fixture upgrades, and tenant space metering. Nickle can also help install ceiling fans and solar energy components.


For more information about how Nickle can help you “go green” and save money, please call our Newark office at 302-453-4000 or our Georgetown office at 302-856-1006.


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