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Behavior-based safety – Electrical Safety Month Series #2

Behavior-based safety (BBS) applies the science of behavioral changes to real world problems. It focuses on what people do, why they do it, and a research-supported strategy is applied to improve what people do.


To be successful a BBS Program must include all employees, from the Chief Executive Officer to the front-line workers. Policies, procedures, and systems within a company will likely need to change in order to achieve changes in employee behavior. Those changes cannot be done without buy-in and support from all involved.


BBS is not based on assumptions, personal feeling, or common knowledge. To be successful the program must be based specifically on scientific knowledge.


People instinctively seek to avoid pain and death. But often we behave and act in a manner that is a threat to our well-being while at work. There are a few reasons why this occurs. The first is lack of knowledge. What you don’t know can hurt you! The second is attitude.


If you work in a safe manner, not only is there a lower change of getting hurt, but in the long run you’ll often find yourself more organized and effective. Additionally, you should feel more confident on the job knowing you have a better chance of making it through the day without injury.


Some of the most successful companies in business have exceptional safety programs. At Nickle Electrical we strive to improve our safety processes and will be implementing a BBS Program over the course of the next year.


I look forward to this exciting and productive process.


Safety is about people and behavior is the challenge.


Mike Anderson, CHST

Safety Director


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