When to call an electrician vs. power company

When your lights flicker, when your fixtures buzz, when you lose power to one or all appliances, is it best to call an electrician or the power company? Some homeowners

Electrical Safety Month #4 – Temporary Power

For the final week of Electrical Safety Month, Safety Director Mike Anderson and Foreman Rob Basara discuss temporary power safety on a job site.  

The ABCs of common electrical terms

When an electrician comes to your home communicating a sea of terms you don’t quite get, it’s hard to understand what your electrical problem actually is. Life would be much

Why do my lights flicker?

There are few things more annoying than flickering lights. It’s an issue many homeowners experience at one time or another and it should be addressed quickly. There may be a

How does your electrical panel work?

The electrical panel is a major component when it comes to understanding how your home operates, so knowing its anatomy is important. The panel is usually mounted in a garage,

Should I have a generator installed?

After the past few winters and 2012’s Superstorm Sandy we’ve all come to covet electricity more than ever. The best way to combat the nuisance of a power outage is