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Read your electric meter

We all expect those monthly electric bills. We check the total, maybe compare it to other months and grumble about having too many lights on, and then succumb to mailing […]

6 years and going strong

On February 1, Nickle Electrical reached an amazing milestone and set another safety record. Employees have now worked six years without a lost-time accident! This accomplishment would not be possible […]

Three-prong vs. two-prong outlet

Modern receptacles now have three slots for safety purposes. This wasn’t common practice many years ago so some older homes may have receptacles with only two slots, which calls for […]

What do electrical inspectors look for?

Whether you’ve built a new home, are purchasing an older home, have done some do-it-yourself work, or you’re an electrician finishing up a job, an electrical inspection is necessary. Having […]

Electrical problems you shouldn’t ignore

  There are many elements that make up your home’s electrical system. Even if one component is faulty, it can cause a series of problems, threatening the safety of you, […]

Lightning protection – do you need it?

Lightning protection systems have been around for more than 100 years, dating back to the many scientific studies of Benjamin Franklin. Lightning has current levels in excess of 100,000 or […]

The ABCs of common electrical terms

When an electrician comes to your home communicating a sea of terms you don’t quite get, it’s hard to understand what your electrical problem actually is. Life would be much […]

Why do my lights flicker?

There are few things more annoying than flickering lights. It’s an issue many homeowners experience at one time or another and it should be addressed quickly. There may be a […]

Yes, electrical wire colors do matter

Electrical wire colors probably don’t mean anything to the average homeowner, but those distinctions are actually very important and knowing the proper color coding is essential when performing electrical work. […]