Lightning strike myths, facts, and protection

While thunderstorms put on a good summer show, they can be deadly, as lightning is very hard to predict. Lightning strikes are one of the leading weather-related causes of death

Wearing proper personal protective equipment on a job site

Construction sites pose a number of potential dangers and personal protective equipment is one way to protect yourself from these hazards. Every piece is designed to minimize the risk of

Body Harness Inspection

In our latest video, Safety Director Mike Anderson walks us through the steps of inspecting a body harness properly, and its important to do before every use to prevent injury

Nickle employees mark 7 years without a lost-time accident

Today, February 1, 2017, Nickle Electrical reached an astonishing milestone and set another safety record. Employees have now worked seven years without a lost-time accident! This accomplishment would not be

Smoke Detector Safety

In this video, Junior Estimator Scott Estep discusses the importance of having smoke alarms in your home. He reviews different types of detectors, how they work, where they should be

Uncommon home fire hazards

There are many obvious fire hazards: faulty wiring, unattended candles, smoking in the home. But there are quite a few hazards that aren’t so noticeable. Even when you think you’re

Winter job site safety

There are hazards at every construction site, no matter the time of day or year. But winter is coming and the majority of construction work takes place outside, so employees

Fall for these Autumn safety tips

While safety is important throughout the entire year, there are a few safety precautions to take as we enter the cool autumn and winter seasons.   Be safe on Halloween.

Water-damaged electrical equipment

Any type of electrical equipment, wiring, mechanisms, appliances, etc. that get wet or are submerged in water can be extremely dangerous. Water damage is commonly caused by area flooding. After

Electrical Safety Month #4 – Temporary Power

For the final week of Electrical Safety Month, Safety Director Mike Anderson and Foreman Rob Basara discuss temporary power safety on a job site.