Types of building construction

Construction comes in all different shapes and sizes. Literally. Sometimes those shapes and sizes are determined by the type of construction taking place. Each endeavor can be classified into a

12 greatest construction projects in history

Great Pyramid of Giza – Egypt The oldest and last existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, construction began on the pyramid around 2560 B.C. It’s also the largest of

Popular construction apps

According to the Pew Research Center, 58 percent of American adults owned a smartphone or tablet in 2014 and spent an average of two hours and 42 minutes on them

Keeping a construction site clean

When you think of a construction site, the words “clean” and “organized” don’t usually come to mind. Multiple companies and sometimes hundreds of people are working in a confined space,

Celebrate women in construction

In just a few days we can start celebrating Women in Construction week. March 6-12 marks the National Association of Women in Construction’s observance of WIC Week to highlight women

What is a GFCI and how to reset one

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is now standard for electrical installation in certain areas of a residence to protect you from electrocution and prevent a fire. Service Technician Scott

Read your electric meter

We all expect those monthly electric bills. We check the total, maybe compare it to other months and grumble about having too many lights on, and then succumb to mailing

6 years and going strong

On February 1, Nickle Electrical reached an amazing milestone and set another safety record. Employees have now worked six years without a lost-time accident! This accomplishment would not be possible

Three-prong vs. two-prong outlet

Modern receptacles now have three slots for safety purposes. This wasn’t common practice many years ago so some older homes may have receptacles with only two slots, which calls for

What do electrical inspectors look for?

Whether you’ve built a new home, are purchasing an older home, have done some do-it-yourself work, or you’re an electrician finishing up a job, an electrical inspection is necessary. Having