Winter job site safety

There are hazards at every construction site, no matter the time of day or year. But winter is coming and the majority of construction work takes place outside, so employees

Nickle Electrical Company Picnic 2016

On Saturday, October 8, dozens of employees and their families traveled to Lums Pond State Park for the Nickle Electrical Company Picnic. More than 100 people enjoyed face painting, a

Fall for these Autumn safety tips

While safety is important throughout the entire year, there are a few safety precautions to take as we enter the cool autumn and winter seasons.   Be safe on Halloween.

Taking the Journeyman’s Exam

To become a licensed electrician, you’re required to take the state journeyman’s exam. Many people take this exam after completing four years in a paid apprenticeship program, which combines both

Whether selling a house, building a home, or buying previously owned, it’s important to have an inspector come by and assess its condition and uncover possible problems. When selling, you

Water-damaged electrical equipment

Any type of electrical equipment, wiring, mechanisms, appliances, etc. that get wet or are submerged in water can be extremely dangerous. Water damage is commonly caused by area flooding. After

Moving? Take care of those utilities

Moving to a new place is a daunting task on its own. Packing your life up and relocating requires a lot of time and hard work. On top of that,

“Know what’s below” before you dig – Miss Utility

Plan on doing some excavating or demolition? Maybe you want to build a deck, plant a garden, or install a new mailbox. Before doing any of this type of work,

When to call an electrician vs. power company

When your lights flicker, when your fixtures buzz, when you lose power to one or all appliances, is it best to call an electrician or the power company? Some homeowners

FAQs about electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity. They can make any room warm and inviting without the hassle of a traditional fireplace with a chimney, venting, and the upkeep. They can