Why you should have one-on-one meetings

One-on-one meetings are an essential part of being a great leader. You may think you already have too many meetings, so why schedule even more with every single direct report

Wearing proper personal protective equipment on a job site

Construction sites pose a number of potential dangers and personal protective equipment is one way to protect yourself from these hazards. Every piece is designed to minimize the risk of

Surge Protection Video

Service Manager Scott Estep talks about surges and how to protect your home and devices from these dangerous spikes in electricity.

Nickle presented with Outstanding Service Award by DACCTE

Nickle Electrical Companies was recognized for providing exemplary service and contributions to the field of career and technical education. The Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education honored the

Protect your quaint home from old wiring

Old or historical homes are sometimes attractive to potential home buyers, with quaint features and old-world charm. Unfortunately, along with them comes a very dangerous element – an antiquated electrical

Why is there a labor shortage? And what can we do about it?

It’s plagued the construction industry for years, a long-standing issue that companies just can’t seem to solve – the skilled labor shortage. While the great recession of 2007 saw the

Body Harness Inspection

In our latest video, Safety Director Mike Anderson walks us through the steps of inspecting a body harness properly, and its important to do before every use to prevent injury

Block Kids event helps promote careers in construction

On Saturday, February 4, the Wilmington, DE Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction hosted the 23rd annual Block Kids competition. Block Kids is a free program for

Nickle employees mark 7 years without a lost-time accident

Today, February 1, 2017, Nickle Electrical reached an astonishing milestone and set another safety record. Employees have now worked seven years without a lost-time accident! This accomplishment would not be

Smoke Detector Safety

In this video, Junior Estimator Scott Estep discusses the importance of having smoke alarms in your home. He reviews different types of detectors, how they work, where they should be